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BETTER Tapering Guidelines WORLDWIDE
LOW DOSAGE Tapering Medication


Sign the World Tapering Org petition for new, more personalised tapering guidelines and easy access to low dosage tapering medication
for people tapering psychotropic drugs.

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We are petitioning for a safe exit plan
from antidepressants and other psych meds

‘One-size-fits-all‘ tapering guidelines are dangerous
The majority of doctors follow the current ‘one-size-fits-all‘ tapering guidelines; these may suit some of people, but definitely not everybody. Research into personal experience of people needs to be incorporated into new guidelines. 

Slow, gradual tapering is ESSENTIAL
Many people are forced by their doctors to taper too quickly. New guidelines should recommend a much slower pace. A more personal approach to tapering would help make tapering safer and more humane. 

Low dosage medication needs to be made available
In many countries, psychotropic medication is only available in large dosages, making tapering extra difficult. We need easy access to low dosage medication for antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs to help people all over the world come off these drugs in a safer and easier way.

  • WHO and UN recommend legislation breakthrough!

On the 9th October 2023, WHO and the UN released a publication entitled “Mental health, human rights and legislation: guidance and practice, recommending new legistation surrounding psychotropic medication and psychiatric treatment. This is a huge step towards change. Click here to read some exerpts from the publication and to find out how the World Tapering Petition connects with this document.

  • "Mobilizing public opinion and advocating for change"

No, this is not a World Tapering Day slogan. It is the title of Part 3.1.1 of the WHO/UN/ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights publication. 

By signing the WTD petition you can show show lawmakers that public opinion to is urging them to act. 

The Powers that Be
are counting on YOU to be silent

This petition
is about you as a

  • This petition is about making the tapering of psychotropic meds easier and more humane.

  • It's about most doctors and psychiatrists not knowing how to help their patients taper psychotropic drugs safely.

  • This petition is about making medication for tapering slowly available to everybody.

  • This petition is about the stigma attached to being unable to stop taking antidepressants, sleeping pills or other dependence forming psychotropic drugs.

  • This petition is about patients not having a real voice in the media - and the fact that the mainstream media has always allocated more space to articles promoting the use of this medication, or minimizing the possible dangers involved. 

World Tapering Day is about prescribers

This petition is about you as a

Medical professionals see the problems that come with trying to stop psychotropic drugs every day.

To work towards change, we need doctors and prescribers, researchers and organisations that are willing to speak out about this! 

Easy access to a wide range of low doses and liquid preparations will make the slow tapering of psychotropic medication easier and safer. 

If you are a doctor or a prescriber and you support the need for change, we invite you to join us in speaking out and sign the petition.

This petition is about

The problems surrounding the tapering of psych meds affect millions and millions of people worldwide. Approximately one in four people in Western countries uses antidepressants, benzodiazepines, mood stabilizers, anti-epileptics or antipsychotic drugs. 

Worldwide, antidepressant prescribing increased by 35% in six years. Source: CDC

In the UK, an estimated 8.6 million people use antidepressants: approx. 8 ½ % of the population. Source: NHS

In The USA, during 2015–2018, 13.2% of adults aged 18 and over used antidepressant medications. Source: CDC

Join forces and fight for change

Check the chart
Check the chart; these numbers are clear. How is it possible that there are still doctors and psychiatrists out there pretending that tapering problems don't exist?

Some doctors blame the patient
Excruciating, prolonged withdrawal symptoms are often blamed on the patient: the patient is mentally unstable, the patient is doing everything wrong, the problems are their own fault.


Check this article by James Davies and John Read 

Tapering off antidepressants is HARD


Last year, World Tapering Day was a three day marathon of webinars. Medical professionals, researchers and people with lived experience from various parts of the world gave their time, energy and support to create a total of 12 webinars. There is lots of useful information in the webinars.

Read more about WTD 2022 and view the webinars.

Webinars WWorld Tapering Day 2022

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