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World Tapering Day Org is a strictly non-profit project dedicated to fighting for better tapering guidelines that take into account the lived experience that has been documented and researched. And making low dosage tapering medication available for free or at very low cost. Organising and launching of the World Tapering Day event. World Tapering Day Org has no financial ties or obligations to anyone or any organisation.

World Tapering Day Org is not an entity in itself: it is a project initiated by by two Dutch patients’ advocates organisations:

World Tapering Day and World Tapering Org is represented by:

      Chairperson Stichting Opiaten Afbouwen (Opioid Tapering Foundation) 


      Chairperson Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie (Association for Tapering medication)

WTD Associate

      Chairperson Stichting PILL (PILL Foundation)


Social media and support

  • Marieke@WTD (patient advocate)
    Marieke does Admin, Twitter and support for World Tapering Day FB. 

  • Marleen@WTD (patient advocate)
    Marleen does support for World Tapering Day FB.

Practical questions about World Tapering Org and World Tapering Day 2023
Mail to:

About us

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