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World Tapering Org is a strictly non-profit project dedicated to fighting for better tapering guidelines that take into account lived experience of tapering psych meds. We believe in making low dosage tapering medication acessible and available for free or at very low cost for everyone who needs it.

World Tapering Org was initiated by Carol Vlugt, activist for safe tapering of all psych meds and Chairperson of the Stichting Opiaten Afbouwen (Opioid Tapering Foundation) from the Netherlands.

World Tapering Org is a free agent; we make our own decisions. World Tapering Day Org has no financial ties or obligations to anyone. We are basically a no-budget organisation that relies on donations for paying the bills.

We invite other organisations and people to support us for separate events. This year, the Give us a safe exit from antidepressants and other psych meds! petition was endorsed by Mark Horowitz (researcher, trainee psychiatrist, MBBS, BSc, BA, MSc, PhD, UK), Adele Framer (founder of USA), IIPDW (International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, UK), Anne Guy (PsychD, UK), Anders Sørensen (researcher, DK), Prof. Jim van Os (NL), Dr. Peter Groot (NL), Ewout Kattouw/Stichting PILL (NL) and Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie (NL).


World Tapering Day and World Tapering Org is represented by:

      Activist for safe tapering of all psych meds
Chairperson Stichting Opiaten Afbouwen (Opioid Tapering Foundation) 

WTD Associates

      Chairperson Stichting PILL (PILL Foundation)

Practical questions about World Tapering Org and World Tapering Day 2023
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