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World Tapering Day Org is a strictly non-profit project dedicated to organising and launching of the World Tapering Day event. World Tapering Day Org has no financial ties or obligations to anyone or any organisation.

World Tapering Day Org is not an entity in itself: it is a project initiated by by two Dutch patients’ advocates organisations: the Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie, (Association for Tapering Medication, Netherlands) and Stichting Opiaten Afbouwen (Association for Tapering Opioids, Netherlands).


Mrs. Pauline Dinkelberg (patients' advocate)
Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie
(Association for Tapering Medication, Netherlands), 

Ms. Carol Vlugt (patients' advocate)
Stichting Opiaten Afbouwen
(Association for Tapering Opioids, Netherlands) 

The focus of World Tapering Day

World Tapering Day is a special day, returning every year, to focus attention on

  • the importance of tapering of psychoactive medication

  • the difficulties people encounter when they taper psychoactive medication

  • the necessity of better guidance, treatments and medical support for people tapering psychoactive medication


  • research on the subject of using and tapering psychoactive medication

  • the necessity of this research being taken more seriously and acted upon


  • the necessity for doctors worldwide to take a new look at prescribing, using and tapering psychoactive medication

  • the need for tapering medication to be made available to everyone who has trouble tapering antidepressants, benzodiazepines, sleeping medication, antipsychotics, antiepileptic drugs, mood stabilizers or opioids. 



What is World Tapering Day?

World Tapering Day is a way of getting our message out there and being heard. World Tapering Day is a framework, a tool, a name tag, an instrument, a way of gathering organisations from all over the world under one name - one day, every year, on the first Sarturday of November. This year, 2022, it's 5 November. 

What is the goal of World Tapering Day?
Our goal is to create awareness of the problems that surround psychoactive drugs:


  • the lack of proper information and guidance for people trying to taper psychoactive drugs

  • the lack of proper tapering medication

  • the lack of understanding among doctors, psychiatrists and other professional caregivers of the problems surrounding the tapering of psychoactive drugs

  • the fact that, when doctors prescribe psychoactive drugs, they need to also consider how the patient can return to a life without these drugs.



The World Tapering Day project is worldwide 

The problems surrounding psychoactive medication are not connected to a specific country; the problems are worldwide. Of course all our organisations are unique, but we share a lot of common goals. Collectively, we can work towards better treatments, better solutions, better understanding of the problems worldwide.


  • We want research to be taken seriously – and acted upon

  • We want patients’ voices to be heard and taken seriously

  • We want better treatment for patients who use psychoactive medication

  • We want to fight for change


About us

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