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About World Tapering Day

World Tapering Day is an online event that focuses on the prescribing, use and tapering of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, sleeping medication, antipsychotics, anti-epileptic drugs, mood stabilisers and opioids painkillers and ways that current practice could be improved.


We advocate a new look at prescribing guidelines, better tapering guidelines and access to best possible tapering methods for patients, so that tapering can be accurate, safe and slow.
Find out more in our Mission and Vision Statement.

World Tapering Day is an event for doctors, patients, the media and the general public. 

World Tapering Day is a platform for healthcare professionals, researchers, patients support groups and organisations, and people with lived experience of tapering psychotropic medication. 


It is also a virtual meeting place for healthcare professionals worldwide where they can learn from eachother. See Programme


World Tapering Day is also an invitation to researchers, scientists, patients’ advocates, healthcare professionals and people with lived experience from all over the world to join forces.

World Tapering Day is an initiative of patients' advocates from the Netherlands.

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World Tapering Day is a day - returning every year on the first Saturday of November - that gives us the opportunity to generate media attention:


  • To raise public awareness and fight for a change in attitude towards tapering and tapering medication.


  • To share information and knowledge about safe tapering and make sure our voices are heard as loudly as possible! 


  •  To plan special events, activities, webinars, a demonstration... and be noticed!

  • The more people, professionals and organisations take part, the bigger the impact of World Tapering Day will be.

What's the idea?

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World Tapering Day is an opportunity to get people TALKING about tapering. This is important, because the public opinion will play a big part in bringing about the changes we are fighting for.

WTD is an opportunity

WTD is a stepping stone

World Tapering Day could be a stepping stone for worldwide collaboration and action. Our collective voice can speak louder and will be harder to ignore.

"World Tapering Day is an open invitation,
                        a blank page for you to fill in
                                                      any way you want!"

World Tapering Day works on different  levels


  • World Tapering Day is a meeting place for professionals and nonprofessionals who want to share ideas, information or join the discussion and help us create more awareness of the problems surrounding the use and tapering of psychotropic medication and the system behind it.   

  • WTD is also a platform for discussions about important issues surrounding the use and tapering of psychotropic medication: the role of prescribers, healthcare professionals, health insurance, the role of Big Pharma, money and politics.

  • The subjects addressed on World Tapering Day range from the (over)prescribing of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, sleeping medication, antipsychotics, antiepileptic drugs, mood stabilizers and opioids to the necessity of slow tapering to come off this medication safely - and more. See Programme


  • The issues that will be addressed on World Tapering Day require not just a national, but an international solution. Therefore, the main language of the WTD programma is  English. However, we will add subtitles when we can.

  • At the same time, many projects will be in different languages, staying close to the wider audience that we want to address. 

  • World Tapering Day is directed towards a wide audience, ranging from people who are already well-informed to people who are relatively new to the subject and need practical information. 

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You are very welcome to join WTD. Please click on the button below, introduce yourself and tell us about your professional activities and (if applicable) your organisation and what you would like to contribute to World Tapering Day. 

Lived experience

If you are an expert by lived experience and want to contribute to World Tapering Day, you too are welcome.

If you have a project in mind, please join us as a participant and and tell us about your idea!


No plans just yet? Join our World Tapering Day Facebook group and be part of the event together!

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Art, music, poetry, film

If you are an artist, musician, poet or writer and work from lived experience, we would love to hear from you.

  • You could contribute a live or pre-recorded performance, a tiny concert, a reading of your poetry or a book, a showing of your paintings or sculptures.

  • You are very welcome to tell viewers about your creative work. Making a video or short film with your phone is definitely a possibility.

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