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The aim of World Tapering Day is to create awareness among the millions of people worldwide using psychotropic medication of some inconventient truths about this medication, i.e. the problems one might encounter when trying to taper these drugs.

With this petition, we want to give people tapering psych meds a collective voice. 


World Tapering Day is an invitation to researchers, scientists, patients’ advocates, healthcare professionals and people with lived experience from all over the world to join forces and fight for change. 

You can help by signing this petition. It will be presented worldwide on 4 November, World Tapering Day, or a date nearby. 



  • We want to see knowledge gained from recent research on tapering translated into daily practice among psychiatrists and GPs.

  • We want the voices of people with lived experience of tapering to be taken seriously, to make tapering easier and safer for everybody.

  • We insist that medication in very small dosages for tapering psychotropic drugs be made available worldwide at zero cost for the people who need it.

  • We insist that Big Pharma and national health programmes pay for this medication.

  • We advocate psychotropic drugs being prescribed for short periods of time only, and only when absolutely necessary.

  • We demand better monitoring of people who use psychotropic drugs and a guaranteed safe way to stop using these drugs made available to everybody.


World Tapering Day is an initiative of patients' advocates from the Netherlands.


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