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Ewout Kattouw

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Ewout Kattouw is the author of the book 'Who is crazy? The client, psychiatry or society?' and chairman of the PILL Foundation (Stichting PILL).
"We are committed to promoting responsible use of psychotropic drugs. In general, we believe that psychotropic drugs are prescribed too quickly, too often, too much and for too long. This is an undesirable situation because of possible negative (long-term) side effects and withdrawal problems."


Personal experience
Ewout Kattouw was labelled as 'chronic psychiatric patient' in his adolescence. Over a period of twenty years, he was prescribed over 40 different psychotropic drugs and received 22 different diagnoses.

Since then, Ewout has tapered all his medication; he works giving lectures about his personal experiences in psychiatry, promoting better mental health care. 

In a webinar on World Tapering Day 2022 Ewout discusses 'Why has knowledge from lived experience has been ignored and downplayed for so many years?' and 'How can academic knowledge and knowledge from lived experience combine to provide better, practical guidance during tapering?' 

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