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Websites offering Info and Advice


Websites with information and tapering advice

The information on the websites listed below has been compiled by people who have tapered psych meds themselves and have years of experience supporting others during their tapering journey. These sites are reliable and contain excellent infomation.

This list is by no means exhaustive but it can help you on your way to finding the information you are looking for.


Surviving Antidepressants - Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal
A critical and comprehensive peer-support website that features several thousand case histories of psychiatric drug withdrawal. The site highlights methods of safe drug tapering and recovery and underscores the humanity of those in the grips of withdrawal. Founded by Adele Framer.

The Inner Compass
Information, connecting with others, finding support, inspiration and hope. Inner Compass Initiative has developed these informational pages because descriptions of the safety and effectiveness of psychiatric drugs that are provided by popular online medical, psychiatric and mental health websites are often brief, vague, and more promotional than factual.

The Outro Library is designed to support your physical, mental and emotional health through the journey of tapering off antidepressant medications and beyond.  
Co-founders are Mark Horowitz and Adele Framer. Read about hyperbolic tapering and much more.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Benzodiazepine Information Coalition
Excellent website with an huge amount of outstanding information, not only about benzos, but also about tapering in general.

Beyond Meds   
Beyond Meds was created by a healthcare professional, ex-patient and Mad in America blogger Monica Cassani. It contains one of the biggest archives of information about psychiatric drugs, tapering, alternative ways to approach healthcare and emotional problems. Information on research into psychiatry, mental health and chronic illnesses; human rights issues in mental health care.

Breaking Free of Rx Psych Drugs
Breaking Free of Rx Psych Drugs specializes in Antidepressant Drug Awareness and Recovery. A collection of facts, doctor approved tips,and evidence you can use, including sources to take back control of your life by safely breaking free of rx antidepressant drugs.

Akathisia Alliance
‘Akathisia is an extremely distressing neurological disorder characterized by severe agitation, an inability to remain still, and an overwhelming sense of terror. It is primarily a medication side effect. People with this condition can quickly become suicidal and even homicidal. Akathisia is far more common than has been reported in the past and remains dangerously under-diagnosed and under-reported today.’
This website offers excellent information about akathisia for clinicians, family, patients, researchers, patient experiences. They provide help to get you an akathisia diagnosis and prevent you from being involuntarily hospitalized, force-drugged, and/or abandoned by family and friends…”  They also provide links to other organisations that focus on akathisia.


Akathisia Institute
The Institute for Akathisia Research and Prevention is committed to helping sufferers of medication induced akathisia and those closest to them. 


Dystonia medical research foundation
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation mission is to advance dystonia research for more treatments and ultimately a cure, promote awareness. They also provide links to support groups.

National Organization for Tardive Dyskinesia
This website provides numerous resources such as discussion of self-help techniquespharmaceutical and alternative treatments, information on Zoom support groups for people dealing with Tardive Dyskinesia and patients’ personal stories.

Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome and its Management

A video with Mark Horowitz and Stevie Lewis, by the Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

News Science Research

Websites with news, science and research

A very important website: RxISK offers information about how They have a database of almost 6 million reports that have been filed by the FDA, Health Canada and RxISK about antidepressants, antipsychotics, dopamine agonists, mood stabilisers work and what the side effects are. The website also contains information about PSSD (Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction0, reviewed by David Healy.  On the page you can type in the name of your medication and find specific information and reports about it.

Mad in America

Authoritative website, founded by Robert Whitaker. It offers News, Blogs, and Advocacy, Science, Psychiatry, and Social Justice

Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

Offers information, webinars, videos, organises online conferences and more. IIPDW works towards a global response to the issues of psychiatric drug withdrawal and iatrogenic harm.


Mark Horowitz

Mark Horowitz is a training psychiatrist and very well known for his work and research on the subject of (tapering) antidepressants. He has lived experience of tapering antidepressants. Mark is very much at the forefront of fighting for recognition for patients suffering withdrawal. Use the search bar to type in key words or click on one of the tags.


Dr. Joanna Moncrieff

Joanna Moncrieff is a very influential researcher, lecturer, author and spokeswoman on the subject of the damage being done by using medication to cure human distress. Like Mark Horowitz, Joanna is at the forefront of fighting for recognition for patients suffering the effects of drug treatment for mental distress.


Medicating Normal, the Film
This FB page offers news, new insights and information about psychiatric drugs.

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