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Petition calling for a safe exit from antidepressants and other psych meds!

Updated: Oct 19

low dosage tapering medication

We believe that everybody using psych meds has the right to a safe exit from these drugs when the time has come to stop. This is why World Tapering Day has started a petition calling attention to the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people worldwide who one day will want to stop using these drugs. For them, there is currently no safe exit plan in place.

  • Tapering guidelines do not include the latest research on safe tapering.

  • The necessity for tapering to go slower as one reaches zero, is not incorporated in present guidelines.

  • There is very little low dosage medication available for tapering safely.

  • Doctors know very little about how to guide their patients.

Sign our petition if you want to join us in speaking out for safer guidelines for tapering antidepressants and other psychotropic meds and acces to low-dosage tapering medication to help people taper safely. Sign if you agree that general practitioners and psychiatrists need more knowledge and education about how to guide a patient during the tapering process.

Sign if you agree that it is high time that someone took the responsibility for the problems that people tapering psych drugs have to face every day.

Thank you for supporting us. View the petition on

  • The research upon which the demands of the petition are based can be found on

  • This petition is endorsed by: IIPDW (International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal, UK) Anders Sørensen (DK), Prof. Jim van Os (NL), Dr. Peter Groot (NL), Ewout Kattouw/Stichting PILL (NL) Vereniging Afbouwmedicatie (NL) and many more, whose names will be added later.

#stopthepills, #psychmeds, #tapering, #signthepetition

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