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about tapering strips


This list of research studies contains very important insights into the tapering of psychotropic drugs that have not yet been incorporated into the tapering guidelines that are currently used. This research incorporates the personal experience of people who have tapered psych drugs.


More research studies in support of the petition will be added later.

Anders Sørensen - Tackling Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Through Research and in Practice     

Dr Mark Horowitz

Newer generation antidepressants and                                    withdrawal effects: reconsidering the role of                          antidepressants and helping patients to stop.

Distinguishing Relapse from Antidepressant Withdrawal: Clincal Practice and Discontinuation Studies
(British Journal of Psych Advances, 2022)

Professor Joanna Moncrieff and Dr Mark Horowitz (both UCL Psychiatry) report on their new research showing no clear evidence that serotonin levels or serotonin activity are responsible for depression.

Groot, P. C., & van Os, J. (2023).
Exploring the safe and effective tapering solutions in the NHS. Pharmaceutical Journal, 311(7978) or

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