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World Tapering Org is not just about signing and sharing the petition. It is also about increasing awareness.


Most people experiencing withdrawal symptoms don’t like to express themselves on social media, for the world to see. This means that a lot of information and personal experience remains unseen.

If you yourself don't want to talk about your experiences on social media, please invite your family, friends or loved ones to do it for you and share posts about the use and tapering of psych drugs on their personal social media. 

Just talking about tapering problems in support groups is not enough, because people outside the tapering support circle will not read the posts.


So please invite your family, friends, loved ones to Share for a Friend and re-post our messages on their personal page and in public groups.


On our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages we will regularly be posting messages in different styles, that they might choose from. 

Of course, if they prefer to create their own posts, that's even better. Active involvement is prime!

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