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World Tapering Day 2022 Participating Organisations

Mad in America
A big THANK YOU for believing in WTD right from the beginning and supporting us in so many ways. With a special mention for James Moore.


Mad in the Netherlands

Stichting PILL

These two Dutch organisations went above and beyond creating great content.

People from around the world
We feel honored that countless people on Facebook and Twitter from the UK, USA, Australia, Québec, Netherlands, Denmark,
Brazil, Spain and elsewhere supported WTD and cheered us on. Thanks for making us feel so welcome and appreciated. 



IIPDW organised an online screening and discussion of the training video ‘Antidepressant Withdrawal and its Management' produced by IIPDW, with Mark Horowitz and Stevie Lewis for the occasion of World Tapering Day 2022.

​​​Regroupement de RessourcesAlternatives   en Santé Mentale du Québec

RRASMQ organized a documentary film club around the movie With our expertise highlighting testimonies around the reduction or withdrawal of psychotropic medication.

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