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The first edition of WTD was a three day marathon with 11 webinars, featuring 17 professionals and lived experience experts. You can see al the webinars here in order of appearance. 

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Tackling Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Through Research and in Practice
Danish researcher/psychologist
Anders Sørensen discusses his research into tapering methods, 
proving the importance of slow, gradual withdrawal from antidepressants, benzo's, antipsychotics and the importance of hyperbolic withdrawal.
Interview: James Moore.

Being a Prescriber and Experiencing Prescribed Harm
Mark Horowitz, trainee psychiatrist and Louise Bundock (psychiatrist) discuss their personal experience with tapering and prescribed harm. They give their perspective on the way tapering is influenced by external circumstances beyond our control.
Interview: Nicole Lamberson

The Gap Between Academic Knowledge and Lived Experience
Why has knowledge from lived experience has been ignored and downplayed for so many years? How can academic knowledge and knowledge from lived experience combine to provide better, practical guidance during tapering? With Ewout Kattouw, Dr. Dick Bijl and Prof. Floortje Scheepers. 

During their training,
psychiatrists and GPs receive hardly any information

Akathisia, Part 1
What is akathisia? What are the symptoms? What does it feel like and what is impact of akathisia on your life? Monique Timmermans, founder and editor of Mad in the Netherlands, herself suffers from akthisia.

Akathisia Part 2: Coping Monique explains how she herself handles akathisia, showing us how she does this, in a beautiful area close to her home.


Akathisia is under-diagnosed
                                                         and often goes unrecognized

The Power of Self-care and Self-enquiry
Dr Rani Bora, Mental Wealth coach and holistic psychiatrist, explains the importance of self-care during tapering. She discusses potential challenges and shares ways to deal with doubt, fear, anxiety, panic and withdrawal symptoms, by understanding the power of thought and through self-enquiry. Rani explains how taking small but consistent action every day, can help you work towards self-care and being more gentle towards yourself.

'Open Dialogue'
Dr. Tom Cant talks about Open Dialogue, a community-based, integrated way of helping people with psychiatric problems by engaging with families or a person’s social network. Research to date has suggested that there may be great improvements in relapse rates, recovery and lower use of medication in the treatment of psychosis.

The presentation is followed by a Q&A and a discussion.

This video will be added soon!

This video will be 
added soon

Promoting awareness among doctors and patients in a transcultural framework
Psychiatrist Dr. Marcos Bicalho (Brazil) discusses the challenges of creating awareness of the importance of de-prescribing among patients and colleagues in Brazil.  The cultural, political and social barriers for deprescribing, the attitude towards medication, the 

lack of easily understandable information for patients and the lack of online support groups make it difficult to create change in Brazil. 

Gentle care for 

 your mind and your body


Recent Research on Taperingstrips
Prof. Jim van Os presents new data on scientific proof and evidence of the effectiveness of taperingstrips and the method behind the strips: slow, hyperbolic tapering.

How do Tapering Strips Work?
Dr. Groot: Part 1

Dr. Peter Groot explains how taperingstrips work and talks about their successful use in daily clinical practice.

Tapering Strips
Dr. Groot: Part 2, Q&A

Dr. Peter Groot answers questions about how taperingstrips work and their use in daily clinical practice.



Tapering Opioids for Chronic Pain Patients

Nurse practitioner Eglantyne Drenth Hoekstra (MSc) gives practical advice to medical professionals about helping long-term users of opioid pain medication suffering severe chronic pain to taper off their medication. Dr. Nicholas Schräder discusses the use of cannabinoids in opioid tapering. This webinar is meant for medical professionals, but it is also interesting for people who receive this care.

What helps and what hinders when psychologically supporting someone thinking about, or already withdrawing from psychiatric

This is an educational webinar by Dr. Anne Guy, PsychD, lead editor of the Guidance, for psychoanalists, GP's and anyone wishing to educate themselves on the subject. Dr. Guy is a psychotherapist and professional educator. The Guidance is a set of guidelines for psychoanalysts endorsed by the NHS in the UK.


A tribute to Ed White
Gus Hibberd wrote a tribute to his friend Ed White, who was very much loved and respected in the withdrawal community. After all Ed had done for the withdrawal community, he was unable to endure the withdrawal effects from Efexor any longer and tragically, on the 13th of October 2021, ended his life.

'Before The World Existed'
Harry Leurink is a sculptor and musician. He has suffered from pain for most of his life. For twenty years, he battled with addiction to sleeping medication. This is a song he wrote about it.

"She makes the shadow deeper,
She makes the eyes light..."


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