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The petition is coming soon!

We are currently working on the tone and formulation of the petition, to make it as effective as possible. We are also doing research to decide which organisations we will be presenting the petition to.

For this, we are receiving support from the International Institute for Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal IIPDW and a number of speakers that contributed to WTD 2022. 

Work together for change
  • Sign the petition!

  • Invite friends and family to sign.

  • Promote the petition by sharing it on Facebook, X, Instagram or TikTok.

  • Ask friends and family to do the same and explain why it is  important!

  • Help us reach people who would usually not usually not concern themselves with this subject by sharing the petition outside your inner circle.

  • If you are comfortable, talk about the petition; actively engage people with whom you would normally not discuss this subject.  

  •  Sign up for the WTD Newsletter and we will let you know when the petition is online. 

Sign and get others to sign!
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WTD 2023
About Social media campainn


The campaign is coming soon!

The campaign we envision is powerful, an eyecatcher, designed to attract widespread attention and interest worldwide. 

Join our campaign on social media

The campaign will be varied, so you can share something different every time. Varying the theme will have a much better chance of striking a note with someone.

Also: th
ere is so much to say about this subject that everybody will have a personal preference as to which message they feel most strongly about.

  • Share our social media posts as often as you feel comfortable with. One share is nice, two shares are better, fifty  are great!

  • Ask your friends (and this is very important) to do the same.

  • Let's create a snowball effect! Social media is one of the most powerful weapons of our time. Let's use it to stop the pharmaceutical harm being done to so many. 

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